WHAT’S NEW at The Outback

July 26, 2016 is our 10-year anniversary of ownership of The Outback. We’ve added the Car Wash and Laundry and purchased several other properties that increased our number of rooms from 8 to 14. We’ve seen a steady increase in the occupancy rate and we are thankful for the many guests that have stayed with us over the years.

Jim’s Place was the big project in 2015. Compare the mid-project pictures to the nicely finished cabin. The deck out front, and a shade tree will be added this summer (2016).

Cabin 6 is a work in progress. In 2014, we moved an old Potlatch Bunk House to our upper field and poured a nice foundation. The building has since sat, crooked and on temporary skids, for two years. Our plan is to renovate it to look much like Cabin 3, with a nice large deck and maybe decorate with a miner’s theme. Nearby, will be an additional RV space. Harv bought a used backhoe and dump truck, and will have fun doing most of the ditch work himself. Ideally, we would like to have it ready by November of 2016. We’ll see; expectations are high, but spare time is very limited.

Cabin 3, Cabin 4 and Suite 4 got a facelift during the slower winter/spring months; paint, new flooring and some tile added to the bathrooms or kitchens.

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